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  28 November 29 November
8.30 am Registration
8.55am Welcome
9.00 am Keynote 1 | Xiao-Jing Wang
Theory of large-scale brain circuits beyond connectomics
Keynote 3 | James Rowe
Models of disease: microcircuits, macrocircuits and behavioural decisions in frontotemporal lobar
10.00 am Pulin Gong
Mechanisms underlying the dynamical response properties of cortical circuits
Carlo Laing
Neural field models which include gap junctions
10.20 am Leonardo Gollo
From local perturbations to large-scale dynamics: Mapping the influence of focal brain stimulation
Stewart Heitmann
Optogenetic stimulation alters the excitability of cortex from type I to type II
10.30 am Morning tea Morning tea
11.00 am Geoffrey Goodhill
Sensory coding in cat visual cortex and zebrafish optic tectum
Peter Robinson
The physical brain
11.20 am Lilach Avitan
Spontaneous activity in larval zebrafish tectum reorganizes over development
Peter Loxley
Parameterized simple-cell functions for sparse coding
11.30 am Kiaran Lawson
Dynamic optic-flow and headwind dependence in the flight control of fruit flies
Andre Peterson
Time-scale separation of a network of rate-based neurons with partial random connectivity
11.40 am Pranesh Padmanabhan
Mathematical modelling suggests an emergent, growth regulatory property of the network of signalling pathways in the growth cone
Bahar Moezzi
From coil to muscle: Simulating EMG recordings following TMS
11.50 am Mahadeeswara Mandiyam
Mid-air collision avoidance in flying insects
Dong-ping Yang
Low dimensional dynamics for transitions from normal arousal states to epileptic seizures
12.00 pm Zahra M Bagheri
Robust performance of an insect-inspired target tracking mechanism under real-world conditions
Sahand Assadzadeh
Synaptic Homeostasis via Plasticity in the Corticothalamic system
12.10 pm Martin Spencer
Characterisation of neurons in the ventral cochlear nucleus using inter-spike interval statistics
Elma O'Sullivan-Greene
Towards closed loop control for inflammatory bowel disease: models of gut-to-brain signaling
12.20 pm Lunch and poster | Level 6 Lunch and poster | Level 6
2.00 pm Mika Rubinov
Topological constraints of interareal connectomes
Tara Hamilton
Do we have time?: Time as the forgotten signal in neuro-inspired engineered systems
2.20 pm Alistair Perry
Structural dysconnectivity and network controllability of key cognitive and emotional areas in young people at high genetic risk for bipolar disorder
Isabell Kiral-Kornek
Real-time analysis of EEG data using neural networks and the neuromorphic TrueNorth chip
2.30 pm Tjeerd Boonstra
Community structure of functional and anatomical muscle networks
Mike Paulin
Heterogeneity and randomness in vestibular afferent neuron firing increases efficiency (bits per Joule) without lowering bandwidth (bits per second)
2.40 pm Ben Fulcher
Dynamical signatures of structural brain network topology in functional MRI
Philip Crouch
Learning discriminative sparse distributed representations in the hierarchical temporal memory model of cortical processing
2.50 pm Penny Kale
Investigating the impact of structural directionality: How reliable are undirected connectomes?
Xiao (Demi) Gao
A model of electrode place discrimination in cochlear implants using a neural network classifier
3.00 pm Parnesh Raniga
Resting state functional coupling between ascending synchronising system, limbic system and the default mode network via theta oscillations
Brett Schmerl
A model for learning in the piriform cortex using two types of principal cells
3.10 pm Luke Hearne
Dynamic brain modular architectures supporting higher cognition
Dulini Mendis
Inferring mechanisms of action of antiepileptic compounds using network activity of cortical cultures
3.20 pm Afternoon tea Afternoon tea
3.50 pm Anil Seth
Expect yourself: from predictive processing to being a beast machine
Kerstin Pannek
Magnetic resonance imaging of human brain development
4.20 pm Levin Kuhlmann
Long-term human data seizure prediction competition
Andrew Zalesky
Structural and functional brain networks: Mapping and modelling
4.30 pm Jordan Chambers
Optimizing synaptic strengths in a neural network model of auditory cortical receptive fields
4.40 pm Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne
Looking for structural brain features associated with depression in young adults: a genetically data driven approach
Closing remarks
4.50 pm David Liley
Advancing model-based depth of anaesthesia monitoring
5.00 pm Chris French
Computer model potassium channel modulation by antipsychotic drugs on cognition-related processes
5.10 pm Brief break
5.30 pm-6.30 pm Keynote 2 | Rosalyn Moran
Aging under the Free Energy Principle
7.00 pm-11.00 pm Dinner
Victoria Park Golf Complex
309 Herston Road
Brisbane City Qld 4006
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